Zsuzsanna Ardó is human by inclination, humorous by nature—and an award-winning visual artist, curator and writer by profession. AtelierA, her art studio at the edge of the Arctic glacier that carved out London, is open by arrangement for workshops and visits.  Awards include Arts Council England, Canon, Arctic expedition, and Deutsche Börse at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

To investigate contemporary society and culture creatively and critically, out of the box and at times out of the white box, she curates international art projects as the art director of Creatives without Borders, for usual and unusual venues e.g. Antarctic research stations, an Arctic art museum, American concerts, Google HQ, a French castle, the British and European Parliaments and various universities galleries internationally.

She works on juries and at artist residencies, and teaches workshops internationally. Currently she is the Artist in Residence at the C4 Ensemble NY. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the 2016-17 Concert Cyle, and will be auctioned during the concerts in June.


Her libretto and poems have been set to music by composers and performed in the US, and are registered by BMI. Her articles, short stories, play and books have been published internationally; her journalism has been published by openDemocracy and The Guardian. 

Public engagement in the arts is part of her work in English, French and Hungarian. It includes art workshops, land art installations and pop up art, portfolio reviews, flash mobs, talks,.

Her work has been awarded Arts Council England support.