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I've designed installations about various themes and in different spaces, e.g. schools, House of Commons, European Parliament, Welsh Assembly, National Centre for Creativity Malta, Slovene Museum of Ethnography, Sculpture Biennale Graz, Contemporary Art Centre in Samorin, Villa Giulia Verbania and the Boz'Art Festival in France. Land art installations in natural spaces as different as the High Arctic and London's highest point, the Heath. Enquiries welcome.


Le viol de la nature. Installations in Paris about climate change, with a feminist take, by the Seine and Cité des Arts International. Creative collaboration by Zsuzsanna Ardó and Shqipe Mehmeti.


I created a series of climate-change land art installations in London in the the main sites of XR over several days — in and around Marble Arch, Parliament Square and Waterloo Bridge. Some of the installation process was also captured by Karin Liedtke, a cabinetmaker from Berlin.


Next series of land art installations by the North Sea, the English Channel, the Celtic Sea and the Bristol Channel. Whenever you see the red umbrellas connecting with the planet, come and join in the action and the conversation.


Large-scale installation about energy, consumption, climate change... and coffee. Camac Centre for Art, Science and Technology, Marnay-sur-Seine, France.

Four land art installations

Climate change through art, with public engagement, on top of the Arctic glacier that carved out London.

Earth impermanence

Earth Impermanence is an exhibition that grew out of my work in the Hudson Valley, in April 2016. My curatorial concept connected the local glacial morphology of the land, climate change and art locally and internationally. Its grounding, first visual image is the installation that I created first in my art studio at the Art Students League at Vyt, embraced by the forest of the Hudson Valley. This installation was then recreated in the gallery of the UAC, NY. It connects our daily routines with the self and climate change.

Polar self Portraits

Polar self Portraits visits the polar landscape. Video installation in the Arctic and Antarctica. Polar self Portraits are featured at the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum in Greenland, and at the British Antarctic Survey's research stations in Antarctic.

raindrops are bigger than they used to be 

Climate change. Water levels and temperatures are rising. Raindrops are bigger than they used to be. 

Flash mobs and land art installations along the Irish Sea and the Lake District in England.

Leaves, Lives

Two flash mob installations in France, about perception of the 'other' and shared memory, with public engagement and school groups.


The Future's Gallery of Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru (Welsh Assembly) in Cardiff features 'drych O ddrych' from mid-June to mid-July. Taking its title from the eponymous poem Mirror Mirror, this international arts project brings together works from across the globe, inspired by various interpretations of the poem and a photo essay of Romani life by Zsuzsanna Ardó, published by The Guardian. Artists and composers in this project hail from Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Georgia, Grenada, Hungary, Turkey, the UK, and the US.

ALgebra, ALphabet and ALmutanabbi

An installation of over 60 artist books from the Inventory of AlMutanabbi Street in Keats House City of London. Poetry reading, engaged discussion and music. More under Curating and News.

Looking at the ice seller

'Looking at the ice seller' is my book art contribution to the Inventory of Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here international book art project. It is part of an ongoing tour of exhibitions and events. Some images of one such book art exhibition is at George Mason University in Washington DC.

Africa, Europe, America

An international triptych about the relevant, , multi-layered relationship between Africa, Europe and America. The installation, the sails of a transatlantic 'ship', was featured as part of the Boz'Art en Baz'Art Art Festival in France. It features triptychs from over all over the world, More under Curating.

Here There, Now Then: Switch Me On

An interactive installation about electricity, energy and human curiosity, in the spirit of Faraday, next to his original science lab. I installed it as part of my exhibition Here There, Now Then at the Royal Institution for a month, to invite visitors to test their assumptions about energy, and reflect about climate change.

Leaves, Lives

Installation about our perception of 'the other'. Westminster Parliament, London; European Parliament Brussels; Welsh Assembly, Cardiff.

But still try for who knows what's possible – flash mob installation in the Arctic

The Arctic flash mob I initiated as part of the expedition is entitled ‘But still try for who knows what’s possible’ –a quote I found while reading Faraday..  Our flash mob marked the Arctic landscape, if temporarily –only to merge again with the rest of the landscape during the summer months.

Here There, Now Then – Arctic Stories: land art installations in the Arctic

During the Arctic expedition of artists, scientists, writers and composers, I set up a series of installations in the High Arctic. Another day, another iceberg, another fjord, another glacier... another installation. The Here There, Now Then arts project was supported by an Arts Council grant.

Mirror Mirror 

Video installation. Creatives without Borders international arts project featured in May 2014 by the Beaux Art Festival in Bellerive, France; in January 2015 in The British Parliament, London, UK; in June-July in the Future's Gallery of the Welsh Assemblyin Cardiff,  Wales; and in September 2016 at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

Tears, Apples and Stones

I designed Tears, Apples and Stones (TAS) as a large-scale glass installation about memory and public engagement for the Samorin/Somorja Synagogue at the Contemporary Art Centre, aka the At Home Gallery, Slovakia. Music for the installations was specially composed by Jonathan David, performed by members of the C4 Ensemble, New York. The installation was featured for several months, and covered by the Hungarian Slovak paper and the national TV in Slovakia. Public engagement was intense

Adoration of Mary 

The St James Cavalier National Centre for Creativity of Malta invited me for an extensive solo exhibition of my photography taken in Malta. I created the installation as a feature of this exhibition. The Maltese referendum about finally legalising divorce happened shortly before the exhibition, The installation provoked a lively public debate in the national press.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is an installation of mixed media paintings and ice-cream cones. It draws on the associations and intertextual references of the title and its tension with contemporary realities. Installed in the Gallery of Villa Giulia, a majestic palazzo, in a majestic park over the majestic Lago Maggiore in Italy. An ironically appropriate context for the installation La Dolce Vita.


Installation of black and white photography of horses juxtaposed by extracts from Swift's Gullivers Travels, Book Four: A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms. Photography field trip for the project was carried out extensively in the Hungarian National Park and World Heritage Site of grassland -- the Alföld aka the Great Plains.

And There Was Light

The And There Was Light Installation challenges conventional assumptions about energy sources in our everyday lives. It is designed to provoke public engagement, motivated by human curiosity and playfulness. The installation was invited to participate in the 2nd International Sculpture Biennale, Graz, Austria.