Forthcoming and RECENT work

Chicago's Thompson Street Opera Company programmes The Hat: Arendt Meets Heidegger for their 2019 season. I wrote the libretto, based on my play, and NY composer Karen Siegel composed the music. After  productions by Opera on Tap and The Composer Now Festival, the production in Chicago will be a fully orchestrated edition.

My work in England continues along vulnerable seashores, including the coast by the Irish, Celtic and the North Sea, the English and the Bristol Channel, and an Elizabethan Hall on England's glaciated Jurassic and Cretaceous land.

Drawing Britain: litmus test. International curatorial project about current perceptions of Britain by artists. Curatorial concept devised and project launched during Colours for the Planet UNESCO Andorra Artist Residency. Article published by

Jury-selected artist representing the UK in the 2018 edition of the UNESCO Colours for the Planet Art Camp in Ordino, Andorra. My large-scale triptych painting featured at the UNESCO exhibition in Andorra, and will be part of the touring exhibition. Artist presentation in workshop format about Britain.

Who are you --  identity vortex, my article was published in July by openDemocracy. The article includes a recording of a poem of mine, Who are you, set to music by NY composer Hayes Biggs, performed by the C4 Ensemble. 

Invited to work and exhibit in the Second International Artist Residence Struga in Macedonia, painting with artists from Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Malta, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldavia, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

In the Same Boat, Upside Down. Climate change art installation invited by EncountersArtSpace, Brighton. Public engagement art workshops in May, during the Brighton Art Festival.

Cantata Corpo, exhibition of paintings at the Teatro della Pergola, the oldest opera house of its kind. Nudes, singing through colour. "Bold set of pastel paintings" –The Florentine.

Research in Florence, Siena, Assisi, based at The British Institute of Florence. 'Conversations' daily with Giotto and Lucretius; drawing the nature of things. The perception of the human body and its context swerved in Giotto's art, and his way of observing, thinking, feeling then rippled on. The ripples deepened the swerve through the work of other artists, communicating game-changing ideas. How can such a momentous swerve in art, perception and thinking energise the impulse to inspire a new swerve... this time in attitudes and perceptions of climate change? 

Premier of Who are you?, my poem set to music by NY composer and professor of music at the Manhattan School of Music.

Featured speaker at the XI Florence Biennale – Creativity & Sustainability, 10th October, 2017, Florence. Polar self Portraits, the film, is selected for screening and discussion as part of the official programme of the Biennale.

Creating new work in two artist residencies in the depth of rural France: a farm, Association St Henri, in the Pyrenees near Castelnaudary, and in the village of Marnay-sur-Seine, at the Camac Centre for Art, Science and Technology. New paintings include the series La mere en fièvre, auctioned first weekend of September. Salut Sapiens, my site-specific installation, and Open Studio opens on 24th August at 1 Grande Rue, Marnay-sur-Seine, France.

ArtRooms: International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists, 2018. Jury member. London, UK.

My Europe, My Rights, exploring the notion of Europe and rights through art. Jury member. European Parliament, September 2017.

Spelling Semitic is set to music by Toronto composer, Suad Bushnaq. Premiered 5th July 2017, in North Carolina.

Press preview of Viva Arte Viva, Biennale Arte 57, meeting fellow artists and curators, participating in the OpenTable discussions, including one with Gold Lion winner of the Venice Biennale, Franz Erhard Walther. Giving a talk about curatorial work and climate change in one of the Venice art schools.  Research in the earliest teatro anatomicos.

Composers Now Festival, February 4th is the premier of the concert version of the opera I've been working on.  My libretto is set to music by New York composer and conductor, Karen Siegel.

C4 Ensemble NY Artist in Residence 2016-17 in New York. Some of my Polar self Portraits featured by the C4 Ensemble NY throughout their 2016-17 concert cycle, and auctioned in support of contemporary music-making. C4's Collaborations Concert Series premiers three of my poems in these concerts:  Art?Works!, set to music by Bettina Sheppard, in November;  Seikilos, set to music by Perry Townsend, in March; Te -- Kedves, ne feledd, set to music by Artemisz Polonyi, in June.

Four land art installations on the top of the Arctic glacier that carved out London and the Thames Valley.  

Polar self Portraits: Artists from Six Continents on Thin Ice, my article published by

Adore Noir, the black and white fine art photography magazine published in December The curious case of the vanishing ice caps, one of my series shot in the High Arctic.

Polar self Portraits. Creatives without Borders video installation featured in the Arctic at the Ilulissat Kunstmuseum in September,  the BAS Antarctic research stations, the Moroccan Contemporary Art Gallery in Asilah, the National Museum of Ethnography in Slovenia, and universities in Albania, Macedonia and Washington.

Il castello et la carovana. Public engagement through art workshops, installation and exhibition in Milan. Invited by local organisations and the local council. Teaching a series of six art workshops for different age groups and skill levels. Exhibition including a series of digital art work based on photography I worked on at the local castello and carovana site, and an installation.

Polar self Portraits – Earth, Impermanence. Installation curated at the UACNY, in NY, based on my curatorial concept and the work I carried out during my residency in NY. Installation, paintings and sculptures.

The Creatives without Borders arts project Mirror Mirror exhibition and Coding You, Coding Me installation opened at the European Parliament in September. 

Polar self Portraits workshops and flash mobs by the sea and the lakes in the North of England: Blackpool area and the Lake District. Press reports about the land art installations and workshops. Featured for two weeks at the Bellerive Château during the art festival in May. One of the articles in the press can be read here

This year I have been invited to work in artist residencies in Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Austria, Italy, France, US and Turkey. I went to join artists in some of them.  On the coastline of the Aegean Sea in Izmir, dating back to 4000 BC in its current form, I worked with artists from Turkey, the Balkans, India, Iran and Japan. My work included The Unbearable Lightness of Being series, curatorial work on Polar self Portraits, and a photography essay about life inside the ancient mosque of Izmir and Greco-Roman Library of Celsus in Ephesus. I also worked at the League Residency at Vyt – awarded by The Art Students League New York Jury. Open Studios. Boz'Art en Baz'Art, the International Art Festival in the centre of France, has Invited me as participating artist and curator for the third time running.  Over thousands of people came to see the exhibition. Worked with artists from Grenada, Haiti, Russia, Hungary and France. Created a flash mob with the public and installed the exhibition Autoportraits polaires. Exhibition walk-throughs and workshop in French.

Africa, Europe, America – installation at the Bellerive Art Festival, France; curatorial talks and educational workshops. Reviewed by the La Montaigne.  The Calm before the Storm about related issues was published by openDemocracy.

Arctic Pillows, Arctic Quilts, Arctic Stories. Paintings, land art, photography, filming while working on a High Arctic expedition of artists and scientists on a tall ship, exploring the Arctic High Sea, ice fields, floating icebergs, fjords and glaciers.  Here There, Now Then is about the Arctic, energy and climate change at the Royal Institution. Talks and workshops for school and artist groups. The RI hosted a public discussion event featuring an artist and scientist panel. The HTNT project won an Arts Council England Award. Part of the exhibition transferred to Ateliér Ardó. Education in the RI Atrium Gallery: talk and creative workshop for art students about the Here There, Now Then project, artist-led walk through the exhibition and drawing workshop on the theme of imaginary landscapes, based on the talk and the works of the exhibition. Arctic Mediterranean, video installation about the High Arctic at the Festival of Ideas, Nature for Nature public/academic debate, Bristol. Arctic art meets the public in public spaces. A series of public engagement activities I devised and carried out to facilitate engagement with and discussions about art, the arctic and climate change. Venues included Trafalgar Square by the National Gallery, The Duke of York Column by the Institute of Contemporary Art, and on the highest point of London. More under Engaging.

Some of my other exhibitions took place at the British Film Academy/BAFTA, the British Parliament, the Royal Institution, Harvard University, Google, the European Commission, the National Centre for Creativity of Malta, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.