Creative collaborations with composers.  Innovative choral ensembles performing these works include the C4 Ensemble, Concentus Carolina Choral Ensemble, and the Grammy Award-winning Roomful of Teeth


Polar self Portraits: Hudson Valley Self, a series I painted while at the Art Students League's Vyt,  is C4's featured art during my C4 Ensemble Artist in Residence and the C4 concert cycle 16/17. First concert series in the cycle is Visual.

Spelling Semitic

A poem spelling through the ABC, spelling through history then and now. From ancient to contemporary tribes. Spelling Semitic is work in progress, in collaboration with composer  Suad Bushnaq. Performed  by the North Carolina Choir on 27th June 2017, in North Carolina.

kedves, ne feledd

A love poem in Eszperente. Kedves, ne feledd is set to music, entitled Te, by composer Artemisz Polonyi. Premier by the C4 Ensemble is scheduled for 8th June 2017 in NY.


Sketching in the Ephesus Library of Celsus on the coast of Ionia – built, as Vitruvius advised, facing East to benefit early risers! Listening to Seikilos' song – the first ever complete piece in music history, composed two thousand years ago, and found near the Celsus library. And my work with contemporary composers, conductors and performers. These different but related experiences come together in my poem Seikilos. A collaboration with NY composer and conductor Perry Townsend. World premier by the C4 Ensemble 2nd March 2016 in NY. BMI registered.


NY composer, Bettina Sheppard, is setting my Art?Works! poem to music. This poem is inspired by Leonardo and his approach to creativity. World premier by the C4 Ensemble on 10th of November in Manhattan, NYC. 

ultramarine and Sienna –Dumas' Riposte

Ultramarine and Sienna – Dumas' Riposte is inspired by past and contemporary migration, be it forced or voluntary, and my experiences while working in the Caribbean as an artist and curating the international art exhibition, Africa, Europe, America. NY composer Toby Twining set the poem to music, entitled Dumas' Ripost. Grammy Award-winner Roomful of Teeth premeired it on 19th August 2016 at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and at Ravinia, Chicago. BMI registered. European premier in September at the European Parliament. In September, it was published by openDemocracy -- you can listen to Dumas' Riposte here.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is the second creative collaboration with composer Jonathan David, based on various translations of my poem. Premier at the European Parliament in September 2016. BMI registered.

dada ny '15

My poem dada ny '15 premiered in NYC in 2015 by the C4 Ensemble as part of C4's 10th Anniversary concert series.  Dada ny '15 is my second musical collaboration with Daniel Andor-Ardó, both performed in various concert series by the C4 Ensemble. BMI registered. One of the performances can be viewed here.

Identity Archeology

Set to music by Fahad Siadat, composer, conductor, performer, music publisher. May 2015, Keats House/City of London, London. BMI registered.

Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter, and Then

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter, and Then, my poem set to music by Daniel Andor-Ardó, premiered in 2013 by the C4: The Choral Composer-Conductor Collective. Pitter Patter was featured in C4's 2016 concert cycle in Boston and NYC, released on Cornerstones, C4's second CD, and premiered in Europe at the European Parliament through an art installation. Behind the scene footage of Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter, and Then in the recording studio can be viewed here.  BMI registered. Reviewed by TheaterScene as "a poignant and terrible story" with "heartbreakingly beautiful" music.

Tears, Apples and Stones

The Tears, Apples and Stones installation was featured by the At Home Gallery in the Samorin Synagogue by the Danube, in Slovakia, featuring the eponymous choral piece by composer Jonathan David.  The score of this music was published in 2015, by See-a-dot Music Publishing.


Who Are You?  is a musical collaboration with Hayes Biggs, composer and professor at the Manhattan School of Music. Premier in November  2017 tbc. BMI registered.

BUT THE TIME HAS COME:  Presidential Debate: 26 vs 45

Second  creative collaboration with composer Perry Townsend: a new work about our relationship with the environment we live in, in the ironic format of a US presidential debate, imagined for two choirs.


Departures is my short story about loss and growth. From 1100 short stories, the New Century Writer Award Jury selected Departures as a Quarter Finalist of the Ray Bradbury Short Story contest in 2002 in the US.

Tales of the Decongested selected Departures for the live literary reading in the dedicated performance space of Foyles, a platform for new writing in Central London.

A multi-media project with Musadiq Sanwal,  musician, editor and BBC journalist, based on my short story and photography essay, set to his music, published by openDemocracy.

Stage, Screen, Libretto

The Hat: Arendt Meets Heidegger. The opera.

Opera in progress. I'm writing the libretto, based on my play of the same title;  the music is composed by American composer Karen Siegel.  Opera on Tap featured Scene 2 in Brooklyn, 2014. Reviewed by Travalanche as 'endlessly clever and funny'.  Featured as part of the Composers Now Festival 2017, February 4th is the premier of the concert version of our new opera at 7:30pm, Dixon Place, NY NY.

The Hat: Arendt Meets Heidegger. The play.

Written and premiered at Harvard University, directed by the playwright, featured by the Harvard University Dudley Short Play Festival. The play is published by AtelierA, Philosophy Now and Logos Journal of Modern Society and Culture. You can read the play here.

Reviews of The Hat: Arendt Meets Heidegger.

Allegro Barbaro

A film about memory, trauma and creativity. Screenings include The Institute of Contemporary Art, the Everyman Cinema and ArtsDepot in the UK, the India International Centre in Delhi, and Harvard University, US.

Articles include

Language, culture, art are some of the themes I have written articles about and published in the media and various journals, including The Guardian, openDemocracy, The Arts Desk, The Translation Journal, Babel, Logos Journal of Modern Society and Culture, and Philosophy Now.

Books include

Books I have written about various topics were published in various languages and publishers, including Oxford University Press, Macmillan Prentice Hall and Times Editions. Some of the reviews can be read here.

Culture Shock! Hungary

Published by Times Editions. Three editions. Social anthropology meets travel writing, with a satirical edge.

Reviews about Culture Shock! Hungary.

Management English

Published by Oxford University Press.

Management English Listening

Published by Macmillan Prentice Hall Press.

The management and communication books also inspired the interactive, European-wide live educational satellite TV programme series of the European Space Agency, broadcast from the studios of King's College, London.

Love Blues

Published by Biográf Press. English and Hungarian parallel texts

How to be a European?

Published by Biográf Press. English and Hungarian parallel texts.

Above all, I value the satire in this multifaceted book. I have simultaneously read the English and the Hungarian texts with great delight.
— Gy. Faludy, Poet, Writer