My photography projects include different genres, approache and themes -- from urban identity construction to the High Arctic, and from the seemingly ordinary to the abstract.

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Château Noir

A series of black and white images, a r.e-imagined 15th century moated castle in France.



Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 28, 2015


Nov 30, 2015


Nov 27, 2015


Nov 27, 2015

Arctic Abstracts

A digital print series created from my expedition photos capturing aspects of the ship's journey in the Arctic. These digital prints are in dialogue with the Arctic Motherboard prints series, which I hand-made on traditional printing press, using computer motherboards.

The Glacier Talks Back

Photography essays about my Arctic land art installations during an expedition up in the High Arctic. The Glacier Talks Back is one of my Polar Stories.

La fin d'un histoire?

Photo essay about a dream dissolving. 2014, France

A meeting and a parting? A marquee taken down? Or the canopy of a communal tent aka Europe, caving in on itself? 

Urban identity reconstruction

Frankfurter Kunstverein, photography and writing project, and public talk. Germany, 2011.

Migrant identities

Deutsche Börse Award, Frankfurter Kunstverein Artist in Residence, Germany

Chronos und Kairos

European Artists Residency exhibition, Germany, 2012

Beduin days, desert nights

Sinai desert, Egypt, 2012.

New York, Times Square

Concert by Ne-Yo, American musician, actor and producer. Contact sheets.

Creative realities – in the mind of the beholder

European Year of Creativity. Exhibition invited to the European Commission, Madou, Brussels.

Urban resonances

Exhibition at the Centre de Pompidou, Paris, and the Everyman Cinema, London.


Film installation at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

Ecce homo

Photography fieldwork of Roma life in Romania, commissioned by Amnesty International. Published by The Guardian.

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2D mixed media, paintings, drawings