About Zsuzsanna Ardó's work

“... visually arresting [images] and provocative for their complex beauty. Ardó has a gracious eye and candid enjoyment of forms, moving in and out of light, off-set by an elegant monochrome.”

— P. Farrugia, Art Critic

“Stunning images.”

— The Guardian

“... sublime photographs of the Danube.”

— openDemocracy

“Zsuzsanna Ardó’s images are remarkable for their intimacy, texture and filmic editing that gives a sense of interrupted narrative. Indeed, there are many subtle things in these quietly dramatic photographs that can be shown but never adequately described.”

— A. Oldham Art Critic

“Simple and beautiful moments.”

— A. Anca Picture Editor, Time Out Budapest

“The photos on display could only be “European”... Something foreign and alluring. A starkness which looks at the relationship between things. A classic and beautiful formalism. There may be a story - the photo having encapsulated a moment in time - but it seems perfect, almost abstract, sophisticated, just beyond our reach.”

— C. Boyle, Critic, journalist

“Sensible et beau, c’est mon Paris! Very respectful images, never intrusive and a vision of Paris with its details.... and especially its people. Never voyeur. In the great tradition of French photography, á la Bresson and Doisneau.”

— L. Auer, Director, French Institute, London

“The angles, the focus, the moments captured, the emotions, the atmosphere, the feeling...These photos simply touch me. I’m not an art historian. I’m an anthropologist and a traveller and a human- and if things touch me, I know it.”

— R. Čeplak Curator, Anthropologist, National Museum of Ethnography, Slovenia

“A remarkable camera, a remarkable artist.”

— P. Sharma, The Hindu

“Images in search for what is true and beautiful in the world around us.”

— B. K. Behl, Film Director

“A little boy peeps under a woman’s skirt; a young mother breastfeeds her child in public; a man lends a patient ear to his horse’s whisper; and two kids learn how to kiss. Ardó’s frames speak a candid visual language that is difficult to misinterpret.”

— RDS, The Hindustan Times

“Poetic images, inspiring a poetic interpretation of everyday life.”

— K. Barták, Education and Culture, European Commission

“For those who believe in being simple yet sagacious, the exhibition of photographs... was truly a splendid treat.”

— H. Wadwhan, Delhi Midday

“She zooms in on the ordinariness of Europe’s largest ethnic community. But the focus is soft, Ardó’s eye sensitive.”

— Indian Express

“Profoundly affecting images, full of vitality and soul.”

— J. Duchen, Critic, Journalist

“Her incandascent images are like tracks in the earth, the traces of a turning wheel. Zsuzsanna Ardó’s art is a process of revelation—her images are the uncovering of voices… words, forgotten laughter.”

— M. O’hAodha, Editor, University of Limerick

“Extremely lively photographs - vivid - full of magic and emotion. A great feel for light and shadow, and there is always movement, expression in her photos. She is not just taking photos but communicating with the person she is photographing. And that energy is in the photo.”

— H. Griffiths, Artist, curator

“ It is powerful and truthful work done within a silence that to me stands in for our shared past and future memory. It is spare, intimate, and goes straight to the heart of the matter.”

— B. Beausoleil, Curator, Poet

“Her photos show the game of life, its mystery – they focus on essential, primary human emotions.”

— E. Csiki, Director, Csiki Foundation

“The intimacy and authenticity of Zsuzsanna Ardó’s photos suggest they had been taken by an insider of these communities. Her photos present people as human beings, without stereotypes.”

— J. Bowers, Journalist, BBC Radio

“Zsuzsanna Ardó captures the inherent human dignity of her subjects—without stereotypes or implications of ‘otherness’.”

— F. Filippou, Amnesty International

“When I looked at the first photos in the exhibition, I forgot everything we nowadays may think and feel about this ethnic group. I only saw moments, gestures, gazes – the everyday lives of a lifestyle. The photos moved me profoundly.”

— K. Pap, Editor, Szigetbecse Krónika

“Behind-the-scenes intimacies of the Summerfest, loves, friendships and feelings hail from her photos with a subtlety that only a very sensitive person and photographer can communicate - a photographer who is able to see and capture the beauty of the moment.
Fotóin a Summerfest színfalak mögötti intimitása, meghitt pillanatai, barátságok, szerelmek, érzések köszönnek vissza olyan finomsággal, amelyet csak egy nagyon érzékeny, a pillanat szépségét meglátó és megragadni tudó ember és fotóművész képes átadni.”

— R. Jáki Curator, Árpád Muzeum

“Vivid and moving.”

— F. Cox Director, Wind, Sand and Stars