About the curatorial work of Zsuzsanna Ardó

“Very imaginative use of montage and typography and only dawned on me afterwards how advanced this was.”

— Orde Eliason, The PrintRoom Promoting Contemporary Photography

“The exhibition looks fabulous in situ, both for its immediate visual impact and for piquing people’s interest so that they take a closer look to ‘get’ each image’s meaning… A pioneering project in many ways. Balázs would be pround!”

— Adam Tuck, BAFTA

“The exhibition captures incredibly well the ideas that Balázs was trying to communicate.”

— Mark Stanton, Berghahn Books – Film Series Editor

“A kiállítás pazar és szivet melengető.”

— Kertész Bence, Producer

“Great eye for design and is full of creative ideas.”

— Pete Reynolds, Tate Gallery, formerly BAFTA

“Impressive flair and imagination.”

— C. Drazin, Film Scholar, University of London

“Focussed, imaginative eye.”

— D. Korda, Film Producer

“Feast for the senses.”

— A. Oldham, Arts Review, Hamsptead and Highgate Express

“Magical, brilliant. Vivid and moving.”

— F. Cox, Director, Wind, Sand and Stars