Polar self PortraitS – feedback 

The artist, Zsuzsanna Ardó, mesmerised my children. My son declared that “She made me learn stuff.” When we visited his Grandfather, a painter, he told him he knew how to draw a portrait.
— K. Booth-Rawlinson of Fleetwood, Fleetwood Museum workshops
Polar self Portraits is a thought-provoking video installation that we hope will spark the viewers’ curiosity about Antarctica and the Arctic – and what these beautiful places mean for our everyday lives.
— L. Capper, British Antarctic Survey
Enthralling. Thought-provoking. Opened my eyes to Ruskin’s – and Zsuzsanna’s – deep concerns about the future of our planet. I wasn’t expecting this insight. Thank you for something special. Great fun. This is the way to learn: I wasn’t aware before . . .
— V. Slowe, Director and curator, The Ruskin Museum
It was great watching Zsuzsanna working with the children at Fleetwood Museum. Their resulting self-portraiture was amazing, and the sessions were enjoyed by all.
Thank you for all your hard work and efforts at the museum!
— L. Asghar, Director, Fleetwood Museum
Creativity at the Wordsworth Trust. Visitors inspired by Zsuzsanna Ardó artist under William Wordsworth’ watchful eye. The pictures show it to have been a great success.
— J. Cowton, Curator Wordsworth Museum
Zsuzsanna’s pedagogical approach was extremely effective in enthusing the children to want to learn.
— S. Grice, Librarian
These art workshopss inspired people how to express themselves. I enjoyed every minute of it.
— M. Vainberg, Student
Zsuzsanna was working with a variety of different people from all over the world, and they were thoroughly engaged with the workshops — well attended and I’m sure people got a lot out of it.
— J. Coombe, Events Officer, Wordsworth Museum
I found the group atmosphere very nice and inclusive. I did enjoy looking at pictures and find a personal message or meaning in them. Also, I liked the fact that a common theme generated so many different responses and artworks.
— C. Colia, Artist, British Museum
It was really fun to do art in such a positive environment.
— Polar self Portrait drawing workshop participant feedback form