Zsuzsanna Ardó has a vast array of talents and accomplishments that she skillfully weaves together in her talks. It is her involvement of her audience that brings her talks to life and sets Zsuzsanna apart from other lecturers. Let us have more!”
— P. & J. Warren, UK
I had the pleasure of listening to lectures and presentations by Zsuzsanna Ardó... She used her voice, manner and knowledge to good effect, keeping a mixed audience engaged in what she was saying. She was always happy to engage in private discussions and to amplify points from her lectures. She also wrote an extremely amusing playlet to illustrate a point, and it was presented by two men from to audience to a most enthusiastic reception.
— T. Aitken, Author, Journalist
Zsuzsanna’s talks are notable for their breadth of information and for their ability to reveal the soul of a culture in an enjoyable and approachable manner... invariably followed by very lively discussions, which showed the high degree of audience involvement.
— B. & B. On, Publisher, UK
Zsuzsanna Ardó moves freely in time and space with words, colours and images, letting us get into parts of her inner world, and we are amazed and surprised to see, hear, feel so many things we haven’t known. Everything she talks about is complemented by very expressive photographs, short movies, and abstracts. She has lived in two worlds and this helped her become a very special type of artist. As a lecturer, she can insert her experience while talking about art and culture, linking the past with the contemporary. She is a person who understands her time, and conveys this wonderfully to her audience.
— R. Ghiserel, Travel Industry, Cultural Cruise Manager
The themes of Zsuzsanna’s talks have been relevant and fascinating; her presentation style engages the audience and she welcomes questions and debates whilst relating well to her audience. Her audience appreciates the musical and visual illustrations, and the quality and depth of her talks.
— C. Perez, Cruise Director