Creative collaborations with composers include libretto for opera and poems set to music. BMI member 2016.

Wordsworth music comp 2020, Wordsworth Foundation Lake District

The Hat -- opera with Karen Siegel. Four voices and piano, concert performance 4 February, 2017 at Dixon Place, NY, Opera Now Festival.

Who are you? -- with Hayes Biggs, C4 Nov 2017  Song cycle, cantata.

Te: Kedves, ne feledd -- Artemisz Polonyi, C4, June 2017 NY.

Seikilos -- with Perry Townsend C4 March 2017. 

Spelling Semitic --Suad Mushnaq, Canadian composer, 5 July 2017 North Carolina

Art?Works! -- with Bettina Shephard, C4 Nov 2016.

Ultramarine and Sienna: Dumas' Riposte -- with Toby Twining, Room full of Teeth,  Aug 2016 Mass MoCa and Ravinia Chicago, Sept Brussels EuParliament.

Mirror mirror -- with Jonathan David, 2016 Sept European Parliament.

The “journey” from casual racism to tragedy described in the poem “Mirror, mirror” prompted me to take the uncomfortable glance into my own mirror. The personal dimension added to this collaborative venture makes it a richly intriguing project. The text immediately suggested a musical angle, the concepts of “mirroring” and “memory” providing ripe opportunities for a composer.

Jonathan David is an American composer whose works have been performed throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has been commissioned by Duke University, New York Treble Singers, Manhattan Wind Ensemble, Marble Collegiate Church, and saxophonist David Wozniak, among others. He is published by Oxford University Press and See-A-Dot Music.

opera research in progress -- Fahad Siadat. Song for voice and electric media, Identity Archeology, as part of the Algebra, Alchemy, Almutanabbi event at Keats House/City of London 2015.

NY dada '15 -- with Daniel Andor-Ardó, premiered in 2015, 10th anniversary concert series, inc. at 21st Projects, C4 Ensemble.

Pitter patter, pitter patter; and then -- with Daniel Andor-Ardó, 2012. Performed in 2014 and 2016 by C4, in NY, Boston and Brussels at the European Parliament, released on Cornerstones, 2nd C4 CD in Sept 2016.

Tears, apples and stones -- Jonathan David, 2nd September 2012, installation at the contemporary art centre in Samorin/Somorja synagogue, Slovakia. 

Departures -- Musadiq Sanwal, 2004? openDemocrarcy featured media installation, photos, story, music.